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Today’s gossip news: August 10, 2010

Ed Westwick takes back his gorgeous, cheating ex, Jessica Szohr(see pics)

Several months ago, there was a truly scandalous story about my lover Ed Westwick and his girlfriend Jessica Szohr. Long story short, Ed discovered that Jessica was boning one (or more) of his friends, and Ed dumped her ass. Jessica allegedly apologized and cried, claiming that it was all lies…

Did Rachel Bilson dump Hayden Christensen & was Sophie Monk involved?(see pics)

Back in June, Us Weekly reported the rumors that Hayden Chistensen and Rachel Bilson were on a „break”. The two had been engaged since February 2009, and there hadn’t been much in the way of wedding planning or excitement…Anyway, Us Weekly got a hard confirmation from Rachel’s rep that the engagement is totally off…

Lindsay Lohan was so classy, she only read Ernest Hemingway in jail(see pics)

Radar got an interview with a young woman was staying at the same jail as Lindsay Lohan. Radar only identifies her as Katie A., and Katie has some really good, sad, funny stories about Lindsay’s stay at the Lynwood Correctional Facility and about all of the special treatment Lindsay got. My favorite? Lindsay made the guards find her Ernest Hemingway books because „Those are the only books she would read.”…

Levi Johnston to run for mayor of Wasilla, make reality show about it(see pics)

Levi Johnston is not going away, and he’s not going to start that career as an electrician he first needs his GED to qualify for. Despite the fact that this kid’s career aspirations up until now include talking smack about his would-be mother in law, posing semi-nude (pitifully), and selling the story of his reunion with his ex, he’s going to run for the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska…

Johnathan Schaech’s marriage ends after 1 month(see pics)

Johnathan Schaech, best known as WHO?!, has split from his wife of one month. ONE. MONTH. He and actress Jana Kramer (One Tree Hill) got engaged in July 2009, and were married in Michigan last month.This story only interests me because they could only make it work for one month…


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