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Today’s gossip news: August 17, 2010

Angelina Jolie lets the kids play with blood (fake movie blood, that is)(see pics)

I finally got confirmation on who designed this glittery potato sack dress for Angelina – it’s Amanda Wakeley. Still meh. Anyway, Angelina Jolie gave several interviews while she was in London for the British premiere of Salt…

Tyra Banks apologizes for Top Model promo featuring super skinny woman(see pics)

Tyra Banks is still around despite the failure of her self-centered exploitative talk show. She’s still doing „America’s Top Model” on the CW Network and the new season premieres this fall. In a promo video for the show, Tyra gushes over a 6′2″ would-be model with a scary small waist…

Steven Slater, Jet Blue meltdown guy, hires Hollywood publicist(see pics)

Steven Slater, the flight attendant who ditched his job by activating an emergency exit and ignited a national debate about job satisfaction and the demoralizing airline industry, has hired a Hollywood publicist. Slater held a press conference last Thursday expressing his desire to return to work…

Joaquin Phoenix is hairy, dumb in new trailer for his documentary(see pics)

As soon as I saw that some poor studio was actually going to take the time, money and effort to promote Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck’s idiotic „performance art” documentary I’m Still Here, I knew that we would be seeing trailers and clips and a real push to get people to see this turd…

Kim Kardashian plans to breast-feed for 6 months, despite previous comments(see pics)

We already previewed Kim Kardashian’s September Allure cover, much to my dismay;the photo shoot is rather lovely (full shoot online here). You and I can and will bitch and moan about her radically altered Botoxy cat-face, but the truth is that sometimes Kim photographs really well…


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