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Charlize Theron is probably trying to get a rich Russian boyfriend(see pics)

Charlize Theron has a sexy pictorial for the September issue of Elle Russia. I guess Julia Roberts doesn’t sell in Moscow? But neither does Charlize – she didn’t make the cover, despite this ass-tastic pictorial. Seriously, how crazy is Charlize’s body…

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony embarrass themselves at a country club(see pics)

In Touch Weekly says that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are all about their new, rich neighborhood of Hidden Hills, California, where they’re just purchased a mansion. So to acclimate themselves to the neighborhood, Jennifer and Marc showed up to the local country club in their finest 1980s-stereotype „country club” threads…

Elizabeth Hurley: I don’t eat breakfast, my boobs are real, and I grow my own food(see pics)

Elizabeth Hurley is tweeting up a storm, and she’s actually getting some attention for once so she’s keeping at it. We heard her declare a couple of days ago that her boobs were real despite the fact that no one has seemed to care for quite a while…

Don Johnson: tragically unhip or ironically fabulous?(see pics)

Last night was the big LA premiere of Machete, the Robert Rodriguez-directed action film starring Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Don Johnson and others. Notably absent? Lindsay Lohan, who has a supporting part as a gun-wielding nun or something. She’s also absent from the trailer…

Sandra Bullock’s first post-scandal interview will air next Tuesday(see pics)

When I read that Sandra Bullock was going to give her first TV interview after the scandal over her now ex-husband being a tattooed swastika-loving creep who thinks with his dick, I thought „hasn’t she already given a televised interview?” It turns out she hasn’t, and has only spoken to People Magazine along with making several event appearances…


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