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Today’s gossip news: October 19, 2010


Kristen Stewart is on a diet because she „eats disgustingly normally”(see pics)

I keep forgetting that Kristen Stewart has a new, non-Sparkly film coming out. It’s called Welcome to the Rileys, and Kristen plays a stripper…This film hasn’t even had a real premiere yet! Anyhoodle, there are some assorted K-Stew interviews …


Lea Michele & Dianna Argon do an extremely questionable GQ photo shoot(see pics)

Three of the stars of Glee made the cover of November GQ. The photo shoot was done by that pervert Terry Richardson, and as with nearly all of his photo shoots, they whole thing was shot like a budget porno, complete with cheap-looking panty-shots and lots of…


Jeremy Renner & Tom Cruise get all wet for each other(see pics)

Does Tom Cruise wear his high heels in water? I can’t tell. I can tell you that Tom looked happy as can be while filming a watery, sexy scene with Jeremy Renner a few nights ago in Prague. It must be cold. That’s why Tom is shivering. He’s not shivering from desire while looking at a damp Jeremy Renner…

Chris Pine wants George Clooney’s personal life, jokes about hookers(see pics)

We had a preview of Chris Pine’s Details pictorial on Sunday, and now Details has released the complete interview and photo shoot. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really care for Pine.While reading this, I learned something that I think I had forgotten in a haze of gossip…

Taylor Swift wrote a song about John Mayer being a douche, maybe(see pics)

Shortly after Taylor Swift broke up with Taylor Lautner, there began to be a steady stream of rumors about Swifty and John Mayer.I think Swifty thought she was dating Mayer. And I think Mayer was probably seeing many other women besides Swifty…


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