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Today’s gossip news: November 02, 2010


Fergie on being drug-free, but still drinking: „I’m not claiming to be sober”(see pics)

Fergie is the December cover girl for Glamour Magazine. Taking notes from Raccoon McPantless, I see. Honestly, I don’t mind the blazer-and-no-pants combo, but what does bug me is that Fergie’s thighs look crazy Photoshopped. I’ve never considered Fergie a great beauty or anything, but I do think her curvier…


Kate Middleton’s parents trot out to a royal residence: an engagement soon?(see pics)

Guess what Kate Middleton is doing right now? She’s taking another „holiday” (from doing nothing) with her family. Nothing shocking there – Kate takes about a dozen „holidays” a year. Except that for this holiday, Kate and her folks are spending time at Balmoral (photos here)…”


Robert Downey Jr. refuses to criticize Charlie Sheen or Mel Gibson(see pics)

Last night, Robert Downey Jr. was David Letterman’s guest, and in addition to that, RDJ had a screening of his new movie, Due Date. These photos are from the screening. Since we so rarely do fashion posts about men, and since RDJ is such a dandy…

Rachel McAdams was told to „stop making stupid movies” by immigration agent(see pics)

Rachel has already starting promoting the film, and she gave an interview to the New York Times that I found interesting-Rachel says that when she was flying from Canada into an America, an immigration official began berating her…

Kelly Osbourne’s barely-there dress: cute or trashy?(see pics)

I was going to make fun of Kelly Osbourne for wearing this completely tragic mess of a dress, but I think she just wore it because the event was for Dancing With the Stars…Kelly’s figure is really cute, and she definitely looks toned and healthy…


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