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Today’s gossip news: November 25, 2010


Kanye West whines: „Taylor Swift never came to my defense at any interview!”(see pics)

Kanye West is still angry at Taylor Swift. At a surprise performance of his acclaimed new album at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom around 1 a.m. Wednesday, West, 33, launched another attack against the country star, 20, whom he famously ambushed…


Cameron Diaz is still riding the A-Rod train(see pics)

According to Us Weekly, LaineyGossip, Bauer Griffin and other media outlets, Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez have reunited. They’re both in Miami, and they’ve been spotted going to the gym together and sunbathing on a yacht…


Hot Guy Thanksgiving: Bow down your heads and give thanks(see pics)

Since I plan to spend Thanksgiving in a vat of gravy, and Friday will probably be much of the same (with an added bonus of some kind of marathon of one of my favorite cop dramas), I’m doing a very special Hot Guy Friday, only this episode is called „Hot Guy Thanksgiving”…

Jessica Simpson on her Tofurky dinner: „It’s gonna be jiggly & weird”(see pics)

Even more Jessica Simpson stuff! I know, I know. But she’s so easy to talk about and write about. Anyway, Jess was on Jimmy Fallon last night, and she said something that kind of amused me…

‘Burlesque’ is worse than ‘Showgirls’, critics say(see pics)

The Daily Beast has a compare-and-contrast between Burlesque and Showgirls, considering their story lines are very similar. But here’s something I didn’t realize until I read Roger Ebert’s review…


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