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Today’s gossip news: January 6, 2011


Katie Holmes talks about being styled by Suri again in Elle Mag(see pics)

Katie Holmes is the cover girl for the February issue of Elle Magazine. I could have sworn she was just recently the cover girl, just a few months ago. Where is it?ah, November 2009…


Taylor Swift’s peach J. Mendel: pretty peach princess, or not that cute?(see pics)

These are photos of Taylor Swift at last night’s People’s Choice Awards. Swifty was by far one of the biggest celebrities who walked the red carpet, although there were some bigger names in attendance…


Lindsay Lohan building privacy fence so Sam Ronson won’t spy on her(see pics)

These are some new photos of Lindsay Lohan, out and about in LA yesterday. She’s still calling the paparazzi on herself, and she’s still absolutely thrilled to be photographed…

Courteney Cox’s jumpoff Brian Van Holt sends his prayers to David Arquette(see pics)

Brian Van Holt has been boning Courteney Cox for a year, pretty much. Rumors of their romance began last spring, months before Cox and David Arquette announced their split…

Kate Middleton gets the Warhol pop-art treatment: cute or unflattering?(see pics)

This is the cover of the new Tatler Magazine, in which an artist has done a Andy Warhol-style pop-art treatment to a portrait of Kate Middleton. She should seriously consider dyeing her hair green – it would look really good…

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