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Today’s gossip news: January 11, 2011


Cameron Diaz’s red Azzaro: totally classic or totally Starlet Starter Kit?(see pics)

Last night was the big LA premiere of The Green Hornet. I think producers are really worried about it, and I’ve read some stuff that suggests the film is a total mess… Camy was wearing this red Azzaro. I like the dress…


Blake Lively is trying to ride Leonardo DiCaprio again(see pics)

Has Blake Lively set her sights on Leonardo DiCaprio? The newly single „Gossip Girl” star was spotted flirting with DiCaprio at „Hurt Locker” star Jeremy Renner’s birthday at his house in The Hills on Saturday night…


Tom Ford writes about being with his partner of 24 years(see pics)

Tom Ford wants us to know another side: the side that’s been a loving partner to Richard Buckley for nearly 25 years. They appear on the cover of Out Magazine together, and Tom has written an essay about their love…

Photo released of Justin Bieber making out with a fan(see pics)

Before he was puttin’ the moves on Selena Gomez, it seems Justin Bieber was getting „friendly” with one of his many „fans” in Toronto!!…

Mila Kunis in Cosmo: „Looks go, they fade. I don’t think looks matter”(see pics)

Mila Kunis has been named Cosmopolitan Magazine’s „Fun, Fearless Female” of the year, and she makes the cover of the February issue. A word about Mila on the cover – Oh MY GOD…


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