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Today’s gossip news: January 13, 2011


Rihanna’s bangs trauma scored a cover of Vogue(see pics)

These are photos of Rihanna out and about in LA last night, showing off her new haircut. Unfortunately, her hair is still this gross shade of Kool-Aid red-pink, but now Rihanna has „improved” the look with some bangs…


Kate Middleton is just like us: she shops at TJ Maxx and eats store pizza(see pics)

Kaiser usually covers the stories about the royals, but I had to step in on this one as it involves one of my favorite stores. Kate Middleton is just like us! She supposedly loves TK Maxx…


Kate Hudson is pregnant with Matt Bellamy’s baby(see pics)

A source confirms exclusively in the new Us Weekly, out Wednesday, that Kate Hudson, 31, is 14 weeks pregnant with boyfriend Matthew Bellamy’s baby…

Michelle Williams: „The typical model of marriage is a little broken to me”(see pics)

Michelle Williams is the February cover girl for Marie Claire. The above photo is an interesting one from the photo shoot – Michelle has nice legs, doesn’t she?…

Jake Gyllenhaal dumped Taylor Swift over the phone, just like Joe Jonas!(see pics)

How Jakey dumped Swifty. It was over the phone. Just before New Year’s. I hope it was more than 27 seconds. That’s apparently how long it took for Joe Jonas to end things with her. On the phone too…


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