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Today’s gossip news: February 8, 2011


Halle Berry on Nahla’s race: „I feel like she’s black, I believe in the one-drop theory” (see pics)

Halle Berry is the March cover lady for Ebony Magazine, in what I’m assuming was a photo shoot and interview done before the current custody battle exploded. That being said, Halle does make reference to a few things that have come up in the back-and-forth in the media, notably that Halle considers her mixed race daughter black…


Tina Fey writes hilarious essay about working moms for The New Yorker (see pics)

Tina Fey has written an essay called „Confessions of a Juggler” in the new issue of The New Yorker (the one with the Scientology article, I think), all about by a working mom who juggles. Now, I unapologetically love Tina Fey – she’s amazingly talented, a wonderful writer and comedic actress, and I love when Tina „gets real”…


Nicole Kidman says Sunday Rose will choose her Oscar dress & it might be a tutu (see pics)

At the luncheon, Nicole also told reporters that her daughter Sunday is going to be picking out her Oscar dress: „Sunday Rose has a pretty strong opinion, and she chooses what she calls ?pretty dresses.’ She has a strong voice in what I’ll be wearing on the night of the Oscars. Fingers crossed, I could be wearing a tutu.”…

BFFs Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler talk about making quesadillas together (see pics)

It’s clear that Jennifer’s really tight with Chelsea from the dumb story they told about making quesadillas after they’d probably consumed a bunch of margaritas. It was one of those „you had to be there” stories that wasn’t funny at all. Chelsea also made sure to reference the fact that they were friends. Here’s some of what they said…

Charlie Sheen is going back to work in two weeks (see pics)

America’s favorite cockroach with his cock out, Charlie Sheen, is heading back to the set of Two and a Half Men in just two weeks, according to his hardworking lawyer. We heard this was happening, but there was still the glimmer of hope that Charlie and his many enablers would get the message…


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