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Today’s gossip news: February 10, 2011


What’s next for inappropriately dressed smirking ‘hot lips’ Lohan? (see pics)

Kaiser and I were tuned in yesterday afternoon to see if Lindsay Lohan would finally get her comeuppance, but as you know by now she was simply given yet another chance in a lifetime filled with wasted chances. When Lindsay realized she wasn’t going to jail at that point she smirked involuntarily and I’m sure everything the judge told her about how she was just like everyone else was completely lost to her, since it’s not at all true…


Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz: what went wrong? (see pics)

As we discovered yesterday, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s marriage is no more. She filed for divorce, and she’s asking for joint custody of their son Bronx, as well as spousal support. Ashlee got the first word on why they were splitting too…


Jennifer Aniston told Perez Hilton that she’s „moved on” from Brangelina (see pics)

This is the weirdest story. Life & Style has an interview with Perez Hilton in which he discusses in detail his conversation/confrontation with Jennifer Aniston. As you may remember, when Aniston was on Ellen last week, she told a story about how she saw Perez out in public somewhere, and she went over to him and asked „Why are you so mean?”…

Brad Pitt prefers his bitch in a boatneck (see pics)

Brad Pitt loves a good boatneck. Isn’t that interesting? I mean, it’s not as fascinating as, say, learning exactly what Brad says when he talks dirty to Angelina, but it’s a strange and unique enough preference that I’m intrigued. In an interview with the chief creative officer of BCBG, some Brangelina gossip came up…

Christina Hendricks’ little Joan Holloway cocktail dress: cute or tragic? (see pics)

As we’ve seen time and time again, Christina Hendricks’ style is questionable at best, and horrible as worst. But it seems there’s a silver lining to CH’s style: it gets better when she travels. Specifically, she dresses much better in Paris…


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