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Today’s gossip news: February 17, 2011


Kris Kardashian on Kim’s sex tape: You’ve got to make some lemonade (see pics)

Remember when you had to actually do something to be rich and/or famous, like sing, dance, act, be phenomenal at sports, or pick the right combination of two digit numbers? Well the Kardashian family has made an incredibly lucrative business out of exaggerating their personal lives, fertility and minor weight fluctuations. According to a new profile in The Hollywood Reporter, the family made $65 million dollars last year…


Proof Jessica Simpson really is starving for her wedding: she’s hired Tracy Anderson (see pics)

Last week the National Enquirer reported that Jessica Simpson was trying to lose weight for her wedding and that her fiance Eric Johnson was telling her to drop some pounds or the wedding was off…


LeAnn Rimes is turning into a Bridezilla (see pics)

Compared to all the other ridiculous things LeAnn Rimes does, this latest story is kind of expected. In Touch is reporting that she’s turning into an anal retentive wedding planner for her upcoming nuptials to Eddie Cibrian…

Celine Dion returns to Vegas, showing off her new princes, Nelson & Eddy (see pics)

Celine Dion has made her triumphant return to Las Vegas! These photos are from her welcoming party/ceremony at Caesars Palace, where she happily showed off her four-month-old babies, Eddy and Nelson. I love how these photos have the vibe of an official visit by a head of state…

Halle Berry granted the right to take Nahla out of state, but will Gabriel follow? (see pics)

Radar reported yesterday that Gabriel had withdrawn his custody filing, the one that started this whole mess, and sources connected with the drama say that Halle and Gabriel are now speaking to each other and taking their drama down a notch…


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