Today’s gossip news: March 11, 2011


Ryan Reynolds’ new girlfriend Agnes Fischer profiled in People Magazine

After more than two years of marriage, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are both moving on. Reynolds has been spotted getting cozy with a more low-profile lady, model Agnes Fischer…(for the full article and pictures, click here!)


Linnocent’s beige „mystery fabric” dress: tacky or court appropriate

Everybody’s abuzz about this odd mini-dress that Lindsay Lohan wore to court today. Initially, I declared that it was leather… (for the full article and pictures, click here!)


Brad Pitt’s new, greased-back mobster look: surprisingly sexy or not hot?

Is it wrong that I find Brad Pitt attractive with his Goodfellas styling? Is it wrong that I want to touch his greased back hair and have him tell me „Fuggadaboutit”…(for the full article and pictures, click here!)

Ashlee Simpson’s „revenge romance” with ex Pete Wentz’s friend

Ashlee Simpson has been linked with a few guys since the news of her seemingly shocking split with Pete Wentz. She’s been rumored to be hooking up with heavy tatted drummer Travis Barker…(for the full article and pictures, click here!)

Katie Holmes flies solo in New York, looks unusually happy and fashionable

yesterday, Katie was out and about in New York without Tom or Suri, and she was wearing an outfit I approve of. I love this coat….(for the full article and pictures, click here!)


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