Sandra Bullock donated $1 million to the Red Cross for Japanese relief

Sandra Bullock gets charitable as she donates $1 million to the Red Cross to support the relief effort for the Japan disaster…(for the full article and pictures, click here!)


Katie Holmes actually wears something that I kind of like

I didn’t know that Katie Holmes did sweater coats, but here she is in New York last night, wearing a chocolate brown cable-knit sweater coat. I like the IDEA of this sweater much more than the execution…(for the full article and pictures, click here!)


LeAnn Rimes defends her emaciated body: „I am completely healthy!”

LeAnn Rimes has a message for anyone judging her thin physique: „I am completely healthy!” Recent photos show the singer, who is known for being in great shape, looking particularly slim…(for the full article and pictures, click here!)

Orlando Bloom: „I always like the smell of a woman, the neck, behind the ear”

These are some new photos of Orlando Bloom, promoting his new gig in London. Orly has become the new „face” of Hugo Boss’s fragrance for men…(for the full article and pictures, click here!)

Is Bradley Cooper cheating on Renee Zellweger with Jessica Biel & Sandra Bullock?

What I really want to talk about is this week’s Star Magazine cover story. Apparently, the tabloid has an „exclusive” on Bradley Cooper’s wandering dong. According to the tabloid, Bradley has been fooling around on Renee Zellweger with…(for the full article and pictures, click here!)


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