Gossip: Kate Middleton will make her first trip ever to America in July

It’s time for some royal updates and stories! The wedding of Catherine Middleton and Prince William took the covers of Us Weekly, and a special “collector’s edition” of People Magazine, Time and various other publications. The issues don’t really contain any information that we haven’t already (exhaustively) covered. Here are some other pieces of interesting information post-wedding though:

*Us Weekly says that although Will & Kate should be known as Mr. and Mrs. Cambridge (because they’re now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), Will still wants to be known as Will Wales. According to a source, “For day-to-day life, they are the Cambridges. But behind closed doors they are calling each other Mr and Mrs Wales. It’s cute.” For his job, “He will still be known as Flight Lieutenant William Wales.”

*Will & Kate are coming to America in July! They will be doing an official tour of Canada from June 30-July 8, and then they will go to California, for reasons that are not known at this time. According to People, this will be Kate’s first-ever trip to America! Oh, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to host a dinner for them. That should be epic.

*Sarah Burton, the chief designer of the House of McQueen and the designer of Kate’s wedding dress, has given an interview. She doesn’t say much, other than it was a lot of fun for her to hide and sneak around.

*Kate wore a perfume by Illuminum called White Gardenia Petals for the wedding. That perfume has now sold out worldwide. I’m not a fan of gardenia on younger girls – I associate it with older women.

*Prince Harry had a Wiggly Worm in his pocket, and he whipped it out for children. The story is actually adorable, not sketchy!

*Time Mag reports that there was a plan – called Operation Pumpkin – in place in case Kate decided to “bolt” from the wedding. This is too good:

Royal officials and security people had plans in place for “Operation Pumpkin,” in the event that Kate Middleton decided to bolt rather than walk down the aisle.

The Register has all the completely true details of the security’s back-up plan, down to just how far they were willing to let Prince William chase Kate (up to, but no more than, half a mile). And what would happen if Wills caught up to his bolting bride? He would have been allowed a timed amount of pleading, before a taxi would whisk Kate away.

And just why would the woman dubbed “Waity Katie” want to ditch the wedding of the century? There are myriad reasons why a sane person wouldn’t want to marry into a family such as William’s, but we suspect that if the bride had chosen to run it would’ve been due to the Duchess title bestowed on her. After all that time and effort, she still wasn’t going to be a princess? We’d certainly be ready to run.

Interestingly enough, there was no plan set in place in case Wills decided to ditch Kate. As a highly-placed anonymous M15 source told the Register, “We only plan for things that make sense. [Prince William] doesn’t want to be back on the dating scene wearing a rug, does he?”

[From Time]

HARSH!!! But it would have been hilarious is Kate bolted. She wouldn’t have been Waity Katie then. She would have been Kate The Bolter.




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